Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Warm Weather & Snake Hunting

Well, I missed the game of freeze tag last night. When I went outside, Lucas was spinning the boys in circles (you know - hold their hands & spin until you think you're gonna fall over, and then they scream 'again again' and you're thinking 'please don't let me puke!'). I asked him what happened to freeze tag, and he said after a few minutes of running he felt like he was going to throw up. So spinning is the best plan for NOT getting sick??? LOL! But they were having fun with their daddy, so if he didn't mind, I didn't mind! Later, we played football, boys against parents. That was fun! We played on the swings, in the sandbox, on bikes, and in the dirt. And then we stuck the kids in the tub!!! They had dirt, sand and grass from head to toe! Aaah, warm weather! I love it!

I did a little more scrapping last night after bed time & Prison Break. Here's the page I finished. I used a new kit by Krista called Just for Fun. These pictures are of Isaac from summer 2005 - look how little he looks!!

Journaling: You might be just a little guy, but you sure are brave. this hot summer day we got out the snake sprinkler to cool off. as the snakes spun around and around, Sebastian kind of hung back, a little timid & unsure of the whole thing. but not you! you found it in you to sneak up on the snakes and pounce. you had the best time making water spray every which way...up, down, at your brother, and even in your own face. i cracked up just watching you. i hope as you grown you keep this sense of fearlessness that marks your personality right now. to live life unafraid is a gift.

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