Monday, March 12, 2007

Why don't Grown-ups act like Grown-ups?

Well here's something interesting. I had to call the bus garage after school today to report our bus driver's bad behavior. Nicole called me as soon as Sebastian walked in the house and asked "What was that all about?" I had no idea what she was talking about, so she proceeded to tell me that the bus driver had screamed & yelled at Sebastian when she dropped him off this afternoon. She actually unbuckled her seat belt, and stepped down to the bottom step, hanging out the door, yelling at him over & over to get in the house. I asked Sebastian about it, and he said the same thing - that she was yelling and being really mean because he had to sit down on our front porch to fix his boot. Yes, he probably could have gone a few more feet & just come in and taken his boots off, but I don't think that's cause for unbuckling to yell at him. Can I just say that he is NEVER in the house by the time she drives away. NEVER. He's five. His attention wanders. He plays a little, and eventually makes it inside. One day, (which I blogged about LOL) he actually got stuck in the snow in our side yard - no way he was ever going to get in the house - and yet she drove away and left him there. So I'm not sure why today she felt like chasing him. When I called the bus garage about it, the supervisor said "She's a 65 year old lady who ways 220 pounds." "Yes, she is" I agreed. I guess that was his argument for why this couldn't have really happened? At any rate, he said he was going to get the camera off of the bus & review it. Unfortunately it's not the first time I know of that she's done this. At the beginning of the school year she once dropped one of Nicole's daycare kids off at the wrong house (about 5 housed down from me). When he wouldn't go in (the WRONG house), but rather started walking back toward Nicole's house, the driver got all the way off and was screaming at the top of her lungs at this poor little boy - so loudly and for so long that I heard her with my windows closed and went outside to see what was going on. It was embarrassing to watch a grown lady behave like that. I just don't understand why a 65-year-old woman would need to treat any child like that.

Speaking of grown-ups acting like children....
This weekend Lucas went out and played with the boys - really played! He got on his ROLLER BLADES!!! He skated down to the circle while the boys played on bikes & scooters down there. What an overgrown kid! Just one reason I love him!


Anonymous said...

Maybe a Hilleary should come up and ask the bus driver what her problem is with little children not going inside right away. I believe it would be settled pretty quick. You know not to mess with a Hilleary!!!

Anonymous said...

This bus driver doesnt have a
chance. The Hillearys and the
Walkers, lets get her.

Really nice pixs of Lucas and
the boys.

Lova ya,

Marta said...

People should read this.