Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How could I forget?!?

I almost forgot one of the most exciting parts of my day!!! I finally printed my digital layouts, and I got them in the mail today. Love them!! I learned a few things - like digital staples look like double-sized industrial staples when they're printed out - so, for anyone interested, I would recommend resizing the staples to be about 1/3" or so before sticking them on your layouts (just an FYI). Also, on one layout, my font was too small, so the journaling is difficult to read. That's easily fixed, though. All in all, the layouts turned out better than I had even hoped for. I just kept looking at them over & over - I know, I'm a little obsessed. Now I just have to get them into albums before Meagan finds them & decorates them like only she could.


Deidra Faith said...

Which site did you have them printed at? Was it the one you sent to me that had the 50% off? Today was payday so I want to print a few off...just to see what they look like!

Jen said...

Where did u get them printed at?

Rebecca H. said...

i guess i should have just answered this in my comments instead of through email!! LOL! I had them printed at they're not the cheapest, by far, but they were the only place i could find that offered matte finish for 12x12. i definitely prefer matte, especially for an entire layout, so i chose to pay the extra per page to get what i wanted. great quality! i was very satisfied!