Thursday, March 29, 2007


I finally got my act together and took some pictures of our basement now that it's nice and clean and organized (at least more than it ever has been!). Here are a few pics for you so you can see what it looks like now that the toys have somewhere to belong!

And I have to share something with you! I had to laugh at myself, and I'm sure you'll laugh at me too! I thought I would be a good mom & surprise my kids with a cookie pizza for desert tonight. So I made up the dough, threw it in the oven & baked it all up. Well, the timer went off, and I opened the oven to get it out, only to find the cookie dough had expanded way more than I realized it would! It ran over the side of my pizza sheet, and I have a perfect ring of cookie dough droppings baked to the bottom of my oven. So, it looks like I'll NOT be using the oven to make dinner, and I will be cleaning the oven when we're done eating. That cookie pizza better be mighty tasty to be worth all this trouble!!! LOL! I guess next time I'll use a regular cookie sheet with a ridge around it instead of the Pampered Chef flat pizza stone. Maybe the ridge would have caught some of the dough??? Oh well. It was good for a laugh. Live & learn!

An update on Meagan's eye - yesterday it turned all shades of blue - even up under her eye all the way over to her nose, which was only reddish the day before. Today it is a lovely shade of indigo with a hint of purple. But it seems to be bothering her less and less. And she's back to her crazy ways - getting into all kinds of everything today! So I think she's feeling much better!

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