Thursday, March 15, 2007

Our little Special Person

Sebastian is Special Person of the Week at school this week...poor guy...he's been waiting ALL year for his turn! I think he started to thing he was never going to get a turn! But, all of his waiting paid off, and it has been everything he hoped it would be - he got to share pictures of himself, be first in line, and be Mrs. Long's special helper all week. For him, that's the definition of heaven! I'm glad he's enjoying it!

We had our second parent-teacher conference today. This time, Sebastian was supposed to go with us. So we got a babysitter to watch Isaac (who played play station) and Meagan (who ate marshmallows & played ball with Lilly)...that was easy money for her! Anyway - Sebastian showed us all around his class room. There were stations set up for him to show us - reading, writing, poem books, math materials, science and so on. I think he could have shown us around the room for HOURS! When we sat down to talk with Mrs. Long, she had nothing but great things to say about him. He's 100% on letters & letter sounds; he can count to 100+; he recognizes about 85% of his sight words; he's an all around good student (I think she called him a laser at one point, which almost made me laugh - just a funny term for a kid, I guess). But we were both really proud of him, and he was really proud of himself (although he was very humble about it, which I was thankful for). It was a good evening.

Oh, for those of you who have been waiting on pins & needles for the answer to the unsolved mystery of the locked-up cat... Lucas got a confession out of Isaac at lunch yesterday! LOL! It was soooo funny! He said, "Buddy, did you sneak out of bed and lock Lilly in her cage?" Isaac turned his head the funny little way that he does and said "Hmmm, maybe it was Meagan." "It couldn't have been Meagan," Luc says, "She was in her room with the gate up." "Maybe Sebastian then?" Isaac says. "No, I don't think it was Sebastian, either." (Smart Daddy). "Well, MAYBE it was me" he says with a huge smile on his face! So this morning guess what I found in the living room...the cat carrier sitting up on end...with Lilly just sitting up inside of it. One of the 2 boys (my bet is on the blond one!) just lowered it down over her as she was sitting there relaxing. That cat is such a good sport!

Anyway, after bedtime, I hit the computer... Genevieve has a new kit that just came out, and I had to get my layout done for it. Here's what I came up with.

Credits: Sweet Genevieve Hanami Kit


Krash said...

What a GORGEOUS page! She's a cutie~patootie:)

My dd is waiting her turn for student of the month...something like what your son did except ours get to attend a "awards" cerimony and get a medal:) They're so proud of themselves to get something like that!

lukasmummy said...

Blees him he must have felt so proud

Anonymous said...

My 5th grade teacher's name was Mrs. Long also. That was in 1965.