Thursday, March 8, 2007

Goin' Rounds.

Meagan and I are going rounds with Lilly's food and water (and apparently now litter). Today, around 11:00, Isaac said, "Uh, Mom, you need to come see what's downstairs." I went to the top of the basement steps & looked down to the bottom. I was NOT happy with what I saw. At some point during the morning (which I still can't figure out), Meagan struck again! This time, she did all of the following:
  1. took the lid off of the litter box
  2. unwound the roll of litter box liners & strung them across the basement (and through the dirty litter box)
  3. used the poop scooper to scoop some litter into the water dish
  4. filled the remaining clean water with cat food
  5. threw some cat food into the litter box, just for good measure
  6. and just basically sprinkled the basement floor with litter and water, creating a clumpy clay litter MESS!

So, we've moved the water to a different floor of the house from the food & litter. I've also turned the litter box so that the opening faces the side (the thought being it will be more difficult for her to get into, so she'll leave it alone - hmmm...wonder how well that's gonna work?). We'll see what tomorrow brings. For tonight, all I can say is I'm glad it's bedtime.

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jenny said...

Carmen would love to do the same things Megan does, but i don't give her a chance. Blue's food is up on a table down stairs in the basement. I guess we really don't keep it up from Carmen. It is the dogs. It works well,and he only jumps up on that table. We also have a cat door going down into the basement too. Which is also very nice.