Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Last Year of 20-something

It's official - I've entered my last year of my 20's! This has been an all-around great birthday! This morning, first thing, I got my birthday gift from God (as Sherri called it). I woke up at about ten 'til 9:00, and I was actually the first one (other than Lucas who was long gone at 6:30) up. This NEVER happens in my house. My kids - especially Sebastian - just don't sleep past 8:00 most days, and I'm almost always up by 7:30. So when I woke up this morning - not because someone was crying or hungry or had had an accident, but because I was just DONE sleeping - I was beside myself. I just laid in bed & soaked up the silence for a few minutes. Then, I got a Happy Birthday call from one of my favorite people in the whole world - Sherri! Not a bad start to the day. The rest of the day we just kind of took it easy. And other than nap time, which was pretty much non-existent since they slept until 9:30, everything went rather smoothly. Meagan even went potty in the potty a total of 4 times today, and 2 of those times she had a dry diaper when I took it off of her to sit on the potty! (woo hoo!)

When Lucas got home from work, we loaded up in the van & headed to Lansing for dinner. I picked Red Robin. I know, that's a weird place to pick for my 29th birthday, but never underestimate the value of a place that entertains your kids during a sit-down dinner!! Plus, there's something about a burger that someone else cooks for me that I just can't resist! After dinner we headed to Target for a quick browsing. Click (you know - the Adam Sandler movie) was on sale for $13 so I got that for my birthday from the kids (love that movie!). I also got a new hair dryer (so Guy, you won't have to worry about any more tripped circuits in your house when we visit). And, as we passed by the clothes, I scouted a few REALLY cute outfits I might go back & try on (minus the kids and after tax return money rolls in & gets allocated to all the stuff that's not as fun as new clothes). So now we're back at home. The kids are in bed. And we're just chillin'! Thanks to everyone who sent me Happy Birthday wishes! You guys are awesome & really helped make this a great day! And, Lori & Leroy, Happy Birthday guys! I miss you - wish we were together to celebrate!


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Happy Birthday from Tina and Shane!! My gift will be a little late. Sorry! Hope you have a great year @ 29. I have a little over 8 months until the big 30 comes my way! Happy Birthday again!!

From way up in the Artic North said...

Its funny, I have less than 7 months til I'm thrity. Our families have been such good friends for a long time now. Since the days of beer fights at The Distillery, Erica's first diaper explosion, Our Weddings, and our kids. Happy belated Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Q. Wish I was there too.