Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Clean Sweep!

Woo Hoo!!! The basement just keeps getting better & better. Tonight I picked up a $50 desk at Meijer for my computer. You wouldn't believe how much room it saved us just to have this desk instead of the hodge podge of furniture we had going on in the basement. We shoved all the boxes against the wall, turned my scrapbook table to sit in front of the boxes, and put the desk where the table used to be (we're hoping to floor the attic this spring & get most of the boxes out of the way - that will be awesome!). Now I have a little L-shaped work area with tons of space. We're going to trash a few pieces of furniture we had down there. Also, Volunteers of America is coming by next Wednesday to pick up donations, and I can't wait!!! I have 7 bags of clothes, and maybe some other items to give them. I have a few boxes of toys that I'm going to take to the church to donate to the nursery (which is a little lacking in toy variety). And I have some unopened or almost new scrapbook stuff that I'll never use, so I'm going to stick that on e-bay. After all of that is done, our basement is going to look almost empty! There's still lots of projects to do, but we're making progress! I like it down there better already! Now, if we could only find a living room couch that wasn't busting at the seems, I'd be in heaven! I thing at a time! :0)

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