Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cat Soup

We have another chef in the family - and her specialty is CAT SOUP! It's turning into at least a weekly occurrence that Meagan cooks up some form of of this delectable dish. The basic ingredients: water and cat food. Other ingredients are optional - we've found toy cars, puzzle pieces, crayons, and the occasional clump of cat litter. Mmm Mmm Good! Poor Lilly has had to resort to sink and bathtub water for something clean to drink because her water dish is frequently filled with another one of Meagan's concoctions. I wish I could understand what the fascination is - I wish I could figure out how to make her stop! (But, at least it's better than her eating litter!) I never knew having a pet would bring my children (well, mostly just Meagan) so many creative outlets!

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