Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Busy Living Life

Oh, woops! I didn't realize it had been so long since I last wonder I'm catching crap from the in-laws! LOL! I guess I got too caught up in living life that I didn't have time to blog about it. Not such a bad thing, I guess!

So, you're probably wondering about our weekend, and our Monday, and our today??? Well, Saturday I went shopping for storage furniture - for toys! I found some really nice shelves that are deep enough to store a lot of their bigger toys (Little People for starters!). So besides church on Sunday, the only major thing I did this weekend was sort through toys and get them organized. We threw out a few garbage bags full of parts & pieces & broken toys that no one would want. It feels so nice to finally be getting a bit of a handle on the toy epidemic in our house (no thanks to grandparents, really!)

Yesterday, Lucas surprised us by taking the day off. I had been thinking of taking the kids over to Meijer Garden to see the butterfly exhibit. Since Sebastian was home from school (conferences, or something or other), and Lucas was off of work, we decided to make a day of it. We got to Grand Rapids around lunch, and went to Bob Evans (kids' choice) to eat. Then we headed to the gardens. Their butterfly exhibit was awesome! They had at least 29 species on open display, just flying around their rain forest room. We all had a great time trying to spot each of the species & identify each of them (we had a pamphlet to go by - although we may not have needed it anyhow, because the boys seemed to be pretty schooled in butterflies, courtesy of Go Diego Go)! Some of my pictures turned out okay - most were pretty blurry. Plus, my battery died. So I have a few to share, but not as many as I would have liked!

From their, we headed to the mall about 15 minutes away & went to Build-a-Bear. We had intended to take Meagan for her birthday. I guess we were just a few months early. So we let Meagan build a critter, since she's never done that. And the boys each got to pick out one new outfit for their bears. It was a tough choice, and they tried their hardest to weasel out more than 1, but in the end, they both chose the firefighter outfits. The car ride home was spent dressing & redressing the bears. For Meagan, we did the same thing we had done with the boys - we went down the row, holding up 2 choices. Whichever she chose, we compared to the next choice, until we had gone through them all. She kind of went back & forth between the dog & the cat, but in the end, she chose the puppy. She was not having a single thing to do with stuffing it, or cleaning it (maybe she wasn't too fond of the guy working there...for working at Build-a-Bear, he wasn't exactly clued in to how to approach a 2-yr-old???). But she wasn't letting go of it after it was made! She even asked for it as soon as she woke up from her nap in the van. "Hey, my doggy!" (I had stolen it to use as a pillow LOL).

And today, we had story hour this morning, we sorta did a little of this & a little of that during the day, and then we went & picked up the shelves after dinner. So Lucas & I worked together this evening to get those put together & the toys on them. I'm SOOOOOO happy!!! (I'll try to post some pics tomorrow - you won't even recognize my basement without toys all over the floor!) For now, it's late, and I'm headed to bed. I'll leave you with 2 sets of pics - the first from Meijer Garden, & the second of Meagan & her puppy 'Peanut Butter Cup' (aka Doggy). Love ya!

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Susanne said...

My DD has that same dog! she picked angel/fairy wings for it.. CUTE!