Friday, April 27, 2007

Call it what you want (I got nothin')

Hmmm...what to write about today? This morning was motor development. They only have 2 more left - next week their doing 'carnaval games' and the week after that we're taking a trip to a kids museum in a town nearby. Hard to believe we're closing in on summer - and the end of school! Sebastian's class has a musical next Friday - 'Down on the Farm.' He asked me today if I would come to watch him. I can't believe he thought he had to ask! He told me there's a pretty song that they do in sign language that will make me cry, so I better take some tissues to blow my nose with. LOL! He really does think about every detail in life! That's just so him!

Isaac and I have been having an 'interesting' day. He is just emotionally CHARGED these past few days. For those of you who really know him, you'll know exactly what I mean. He's just been having his little explosions - it's just like someone flips a switch, and he goes from perfectly calm to erupting in emotions at the snap of a finger. And adding Sebastian to the mix just gets Isaac more worked up. Uggh! Days like this I need an easy button. Wish those came standard.

Other than that, today has been a pretty quiet and typical day. Oh, except for McDonalds at lunch. Let's just say that I honked at my neighbor, who was about 3 cars ahead of me in line. Well, I guess people really are sheep, because people behind me started honking too - I guess they thought we were getting impatient, or something? Well, the next thing I know, cars started cutting out of the line behind me, and cutting in front of cars in line in front of me (our McDonalds has the 2 lanes for ordering that merge into one lane for paying, so they were going around the line and getting behind the car ordering in the right lane - if that makes any sense). So then people were honking for real. As I was getting ready to pull up to order (which just happened to be in the right lane), a guy comes flying around and cuts in front of me AGAIN. Since I almost hit the guy, I honked to get his attention. He looked at me and put his arms in the air, as if to say what's your problem. So, I said (window was down to order) 'People have been waiting. What are you doing?' So he got all huffy & puffy and drove away. Sheesh. All because I tried to say hi to my neighbor! LOL! Next time I'll be stuck up & keep to myself! ;)

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