Monday, April 23, 2007

Who lit the fire?

Okay, I'm not sure who lit the fire under my butt, but I've been on a roll today! I woke up early for starters. Before lunch I managed to get all 3 bathrooms clean (even showers scrubbed), got the dishes done, kitchen counters cleared off, & the floor swept & vacuumed. And after lunch, I got everything cleaned up quickly & got the kitchen floor mopped. Now I'm ready for a nap! LOL!

I also have put our Chicken Little step counter (from a cereal box) to work today. Lucas has been doing a thing at work where he wears a step counter all day & tracks his progress. Well, I'm not paying $22 for a step counter, but I figure the Chicken Little one will work well enough. So I decided to play along, starting today. I signed up at America on the Move so that I can track my progress. And I started wearing my step counter sometime around 9:00 this morning (so I missed about 2 hours of the day, but oh well). So far, I'm up to over 6,000 steps. Who knew a li'l ol' house wife like me moved so much during the day. No wonder I feel like crashing by the end of the day. (Nothing compared to Lucas though...he had over 18,000 steps one day because they had a rough day at work. Still, not too shabby).

Well, off to take an afternoon rest! :o)

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