Thursday, April 19, 2007

Layout overload

I haven't been doing lots of scrapping lately, but I did go through a period where I did a lot of layouts all at once, and I just realized I haven't posted them. Just trying to get caught up. Plus, I finished the grape snowman layout tonight, so I thought I'd share - I know you've already seen the pics & read the story, but it is now officially included in our scrapbooks, and not just my blog LOL!

Journaling: 'So I came downstairs this morning to find Sebastian at the counter making grape snowmen for us. He got the idea from a cheese cube man he made at church yesterday. Since we had used all of our cheese, he improvised. Instead of a grape head and cheese body, he used all grapes.'

Journaling: 'The first outside garden we visited was the Great Lakes Garden. How cool was this! The lakes were built to scale - size & depth - to the real lakes. And you could get little boats to sail through all the lakes. Not only were the lakes to scale, but on the ground they had the map of the states surrounding the lakes. You had so much fun finding Michigan and Ohio. The was a great start to the day. We had to pull you away so we could see the rest of the gardens with a promise to come back again.'
Journaling: 'Your first fair experience. We went with Grandma during the day, and went back again that evening with Grandpa too. During our daytime visit, we met up with Trace & Travis, and then later the 2 of you got ride bracelets. Oh! Heaven for 2 little boys! Free reign of all the rides! The bug house, the crazy house, the train the rocket ships...and even the strawberries (with Mommy). But, by far, you went the most rounds on the super slide! Again & again & again. The lady working there was probably tired of climbing all those stairs with you. But we had paid for those 2 bracelets, and you made sure you got your money's worth.'
As far as the day... I had a rough time getting up this morning, because both boys had accidents last night (which is very unusual), and Meagan was up all night coughing. I had a prescription called in for her, which I then forgot to pick up. So I'll have to go get it tomorrow morning (keeping my fingers crossed for tonight). This afternoon, Isaac, Meagan & I took a road trip to the bank. Then for dinner we all went out to Red Robbin. Tonight, I went grocery shopping, watched Pittsburgh get eliminated from NHL playoffs (insert sad face here), and then watched Survivor. Now I'm headed off to bed. See you tomorrow!

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