Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sewers Cramp

It's official. I have diagnosed myself with a serious condition called Sewers Cramp. Today our new couch & love seat were delivered, which means we have to get the old ones OUT! But, no one will take them if they're not in 'good condition.' So, I spent all day today stitching the cushions on our old couch. The seams were split on every cushion in at least 2 places each. I have tiny little blisters on my fingertips, and my right hand is still cramped from all that sewing. Oh well. I really don't mind - I'm just trying to rouse a little sympathy from my husband *LOL*. It really was worth it if someone else will be able to get some good use out of them, and if we can reclaim our living room, which currently has 2 couches, a love seat, an overstuffed chair, and a recliner in it (and the 2 chairs at the chess table). I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow, if I get a chance.


A concern Gamer said...

Sympathy may be hard to come by if you keep uploading material during his gaming sessions.

Anonymous said...

i love you beaner.