Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is it this hard for everyone?

I just have to know! .... Is dinner this hard for everyone? It has been a never-ending battle lately to get my kids to eat ANYTHING. Tonight I made macaroni & cheese with ham & peas. These are all things that they all like, and no one ate it without a fight. AAAAAHHH! I have heard every excuse in the book:
  • It's too hot
  • It got cold
  • I don't like these foods if they're touching each other
  • This is the wrong kind of chicken - I only like other kinds of chicken
  • My tummy is only hungry for desert

The list could go on forever. Or there are the moments when there's absolutely no reason to be offered, and so they just break down in either tears or hysterics or the silent treatment or a stare-down with the floor beneath their feet. So I just was hoping to hear that I'm not alone - that other people's kids are really as difficult as mine can be. Just a little bit of 'me too' would go a long way at a time like this! LOL!

Oh, and while I'm at it, I'll share something random that Sebastian said - which is totally unrelated to the eating issue. He and Isaac were 'discussing' something, and out of who-knows-where Sebastian says, "Isaac, attack the problem, not the person." I had to laugh just a little...wonder where he ever learned that? And I wonder even more why he thought it pertained to that particular moment with his brother. ??? Kids are just too funny.


Deidra Faith said...

I don't even have children and I can tell you you're not alone. We even have battles with our babies who are eating table food. One day they like it and the next they don't. And since they can't talk, all we get are the tears and hysterics!! And I've had the battle with Keagen many times...and I've seen the battles he's had with his mom and dad. I think we've all come to the conclusion that they'll eventually eat...when they get hungry, they will eat!! Just day when they're teenagers, these issues will seem so small and you'll wish it was what they were going through again!

Grumpy old bastard, but feel better today.... said...

Let them starve, Its not worth the mental masterbation to dwell on this. Our kids are the same way. Whether is spaghetti (which they love) or Lasagna (which they dislike). Not much differnce, just looks different.

Now if I could only get Lori to stop nagging me about what I want for dinner every night... LOL

Rebecca H. said...

holy smokes dude! what ruffled your feathers today? at first i thought it was a blog spammer & was going to delete it! LOL! simmer down up there! :o) hope your day gets better! love ya!

Felt so guilty about yesterday, took today off...... said...

No worries the last post was just to make Luke laugh. I kinda pissed a bunch of people off yesterday.....