Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Random Ramblings

So, I briefly mentioned in my 5-minute blog last night that we got our new couches yesterday. But I forgot to mention that it took my children less than 20 minutes to get purple crayon on one of the cushions. I thought I handled it rather well, as my only reaction was "You've got to be kidding me!" It could have been much worse (my reaction, that is...I guess the crayon too, for that matter). When I bought them, I had stain protector put on them, since we are planning to keep them in the same house as our 3 kids. I just wasn't expecting to test out the protector so soon. But, the crayon wiped right off (with the cleaner that they gave). And when it dried, I couldn't tell where it had been. So, I guess that was $100 well spent!

Other than that, I'm not sure what to really talk about tonight. I'm in one of those moods that I just would rather sit quietly and talk about / think about pretty much nothing. I think that mood is called 'tired.' I do have some fun news though. Creating Keepsakes magazine, which is probably the largest circulation of a scrapbooking magazine, requested on of my layouts the other day. I'm pretty excited about that! They want the layout of the kids' trip to the zoo with Grandma & Tina last summer. I think it will be in the July or August issue. Not certain. But anyway, that was a bit of fun news.

For anyone interested, Scrap Galaxy ( is holding an online crop this coming weekend. There will be challenges posted (both paper & digital) to give you a little jump start on layouts. There are some digital freebies available, and there will be a grand prize drawing for a kit by Designs by Krista. Just thought I'd pass it along for what it's worth.

Oh, and one last thing before I call it a night...I just have to thank my friend 'the concerned gamer' for his very thoughtful advice in his latest comment. But I must defend myself and say I WASN'T DOING ANYTHING! Okay, so maybe for a second, I was trying to send out an enormous email, but that wasn't what did him in. At the time he got booted, I really was just sitting down there, minding my own business. Our internet crashed at some point last night, for who-knows-what reason, but I really WASN'T DOING ANYTHING. I wasn't even streaming - I was listening to a CD so it didn't disturb him. He may tell you otherwise in your 'work-related' conversations that you have numerous times throughout the day, but I'm telling the truth. I'm innocent.

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Globe trotting home from Atlanta said...

So your innocent? Yeah you probably right we was getting pwned at the time. But its still hillarious to listen to him yell downstairs to see what the heck is going on.