Sunday, April 1, 2007

New Theories on Cleaning

There was something in the air today - something that sparked creativity in my children. And for today, the creativity was most effectively applied to the act of cleaning. In the past 12 hours, 2 new theories on cleaning have emerged from my 2 youngest children.

Theory 1: Divine Intervention
The conversation went something like this:
(In the van on the way home from church today) Isaac (I): Mom, do you know who is God's son?
Mom (M): Jesus?
I: Yup. And Jesus died.
Sebastian (S): Yeah, and then waited 3 days and then came back alive again.
I: Yeah. He can do that ya know.
M: Do you know how Jesus came back to life?
S: Of God.
M: That's right. Because God is so powerful, He was able to bring Jesus back to life.
I: Yeah, God can do whatever He wants, can't He Mom?
M: Yes, Buddy, He can.
I: He can even clean up our whole room for us!
(I just laugh hysterically, realizing that Isaac has BIG plans for God in his life.)

Theory 2: Sweep it Under the Rug
Now, I know this is not a new theory. We've all heard the phrase 'swept under the rug.' But, I have never heard of it being put into action, without guidance of any sort, by a one-year-old...until this evening. The kids were helping us clean up after dinner. The boys were clearing the table - putting the ketchup away, putting dishes in the dishwasher, etc. Well, Meagan decides the best way for her to help is to get out the dust pan & dust broom & sweep the floor. Apparently it wasn't working out like she was hoping (and she must have determined that, at least for tonight's dinner clean up, there would be no divine intervention), so she picked up the corner of the rug and started sweeping all of the food crumbs right underneath. Just like that, the floor looked clean as ever! (I think we're going to have to keep on eye on that girl. She looks like trouble!)


Deidra Faith said...

I had to read both of those stories to my mom! She was cracking up!!!

Anonymous said...

She has been watching her Mother clean up the house too much and is picking up her Mother's bad habits