Sunday, April 15, 2007


So today was a first...Meagan picked out her outfit to wear. She picked a purple shirt with a butterfly on it, purple corduroy pants, and blue socks (which Grandma eventually changed to purple, with some persuasion). So other than the blue socks, I guess she did okay. For some reason, my kids seem to think that picking out clothes that match means picking out a shirt & pants that are the same color. Once Sebastian picked out a pear of orange pants to wear to school. The shirt he picked out to 'match' was an equally bright orange 'Cars' shirt. He looked like he was wearing a prison jumpsuit, but he was convinced that he matched perfectly. And that's exactly what he wore to school. Ahhh, well, these are not the important things in life. (Just the funny ones).

And speaking of not matching...

I did this layout today of Meagan playing choo choos. Only problem was which color to use since she is playing with red and green trains, and she is wearing pink & purple pj's. Well, I decided to go with....ALL OF THEM! LOL! I would have never actually thought to put pink & red papers together until today, but I kinda like the results. I'm still a little unhappy with the ribbon & the tag in the corner - they look a little more digital than I would like. I think I'm going to have to go back & play with the shadows a little more to get it right.

Journaling: You adore playing engines - 'too toos' as you call them. You could play (or watch) trains for hours and never get tired of it. Thomas, Percy, James, and even Sir Topamhatt have found a special place in your sweet little heart. This particular evening, you raided the boys' room dumped out their engines, and got lost in your own imagination. What a cute little face you make when you say 'too too'!

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Love that little mouth!
Short Grandma