Monday, April 30, 2007

My Wires Hurt

Another conversation worthy of documenting! This one happened yesterday evening on the way to church - more deep thoughts from Sebastian.

Let me first start by saying that about a month ago, we were in the chiropractor's office, and the boys were asking questions about the pictures of all of our body systems - skeletal, muscular, & nervous. Well, Sebastian understood skeletal & muscular, but he just didn't get the concept of nerves. So I told him it was like wiring - like when Daddy builds a computer, and there are lots of wires on the inside. The wires connect our brain to other parts of our bodies & let the brain tell our arms & legs, etc to move or to feel touch, and so on and so on. Ah ha! Now he gets it.

So yesterday in the van, he says, "Mom, I think my wires are hurting." Well, since I had ABSOLUTELY NO context for this conversation, I was lost! "What do you mean?" "You know! All the little blue things in us that are wires. The ones in the picture. That make us like computers." (Pause to think what this could POSSIBLY mean.......oh, yeah!) "What do you mean they're hurting?" "Well, they're hurting because they're telling my brain that my arm hurts." LOL! Too funny, kid! I can't believe that he remembered that much of our conversation. (Well, maybe I can, a little - that's just what Sebastian does I guess.)

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