Wednesday, April 25, 2007

If I could do it all over...

Well, I've officially blown this day doing almost nothing. The kids & I played a little. I ran to the pharmacy. And I made lunch & snack and cleaned it up. Other than that, most of my afternoon was spent in front of the computer (and I have far fewer steps for it!). Sweet Genevieve is on a roll this week, and she is releasing a set of layout templates Friday at the same time as her kit I used on last night's layout. So I thought, 'I can throw a layout together real quick - templates are easy enough!' Well, after my scrapbook reorganization yesterday, I realized that my 2000 scrapbook is all but non-existent. So I dug deep in the photo archives (LOL) and pulled out some pictures from our wedding rehearsal. WOW! We all look so different! It's amazing what 7 years will do to you! (Deidra, LOVE your bangs!) I was actually amazed at how far digital pictures have come in that time. The quality of the rehearsal pictures was AWEFUL compared to what I'm used to! But it's what I have to work with, so it's what I used!

Looking back at all those wedding pictures, my only regret about that day is how ridiculous I was then, and all the little bits of drama that went along with that day. I want to officially go on the record and say I'm sorry for being such a turd then! If I could go back and do it over, I would tell a certain someone to zip her lip & let everyone wear glitter lotion if they wanted to. LOL! These are not the big issues of life! So anyway, sorry... It's kind of sad, when I look at the pictures, I will always see the facial expressions of some of you and know exactly why they look that way. I guess that just makes me thankful that we've come through it & are so much better off for it all now! Love ya!


Deidra Faith said...

Do you have any idea what I'd like to do to you for that picture?????????????????????????? BANGS?????????? Who's idea was that? You'd think 7 years wouldn't bring on too many differences BUT OH MY GOSH! Of course, I had to go pull out my pictures from your wedding...I'll have to send you the pic of the two of us together. Let's just say IT NEEDS RETAKEN!!! We'll have to try to manage that sometime soon.
Did I mention you're in trouble for that pic????

Deidra Faith said...

I forgot to ask you something! Will you send that page to me???