Saturday, April 14, 2007

Funny Stuff

The kids have been saying and doing some pretty funny things lately. I thought I better get them down before I forget.

We'll start with Meagan. A few days ago, the boys were playing football in the living room, using a stuffed animal as their football. Well, they threw it a little too hard & too high. It hit Lucas' Civil War collector plates and knocked on of them off the wall. Luckily for the boys, it didn't break. But they still got a 'talkin' too.' So Lucas has them sitting down on the floor in the living room, and he's going on in his sternest Daddy voice about how they need to listen and follow rules, blah blah blah. Well, Meagan, who had been in the basement playing, walks in right about then, walks over to her brothers, sits down in between them, and with one arm on each of their shoulders she says, "Hey boys. Wha' doin'?" That was the end of all punishment. Lucas tried (rather unsuccessfully) not to laugh. I couldn't help myself, I just lost it. And the boys thought it was pretty funny too. Leave it to Meagan to take one for the team! She is our constant source of comic relief.

Other funny things she's said lately - I was getting her dressed the other day, and I put a short sleeved shirt on her (to go under a hoodie sweatshirt - I'm not crazy enough to dress her in short sleeves in this weather!). Well, apparently she is unfamiliar with the concept of short sleeves - I guess she can only ever actually remember wearing long sleeves. I put the shirt over her head, and stuck her arms through. And she looks at the sleeves, starts pulling on them, and says 'Uh oh! Broke! It broke!'

And this morning, she ate all of her cereal and wanted more. I poured more cereal in, but she had no milk left. She looked at me and said, 'more water please.' LOL. She thinks we put water on cereal. Too cute!

Okay, on to Isaac...Beaner, this one's for you.
Last night I was scrapping in the basement, and the boys came upstairs to sit & watch Daddy play. He was on TeamSpeak talking to some of the guys on his team. Isaac came downstairs to update me. "Mom, do you know who Daddy is talking to? He's talking to a guy named Coque who is a nice guy. He's not even talking to Jose'n (yes, he put an 'n' on the end of your name). Only to Coque. And Coque is a nice guy. And Jose'n is a nice guy too, but he isn't talking tonight.' Thanks for the update Buddy.

And now for Sebastian - the most random of all. He came home from school yesterday. His brother and sister were still sleeping (I love long naps!). So I sat down on the couch with him, and we started reading his books for school. (He has a reading sheet to fill out and every time he reads a book he gets to put it on his sheet. A full sheet = a prize - last time he got an alligator foot. ??) Anyway, we were in the middle of a book called 'I can't sleep' when he looks at me and says, "Mom, butt cheeks make a sideways 8." What!!!??? Where on EARTH did that come from? Has he been giving this some thought? That is such a BOY thing to think about! He then continued in his train of deep thinking..."So do our eyes. And so do our nose holes." Yes, Bud, I guess you're right. Want to finish your book now?

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Kelli said...

Love the 'sideways 8'! Too funny. Weird...but he is right. :)