Saturday, April 28, 2007

Life is Good

What a beautiful day! We were slow getting started - I got a little distracted by the NFL draft (I won't get started on that right now, though!), so it was almost 1:30 before it dawned on me that the boys were still in PJ's and were playing inside on a sunny Saturday. So they got dressed, and I sent them outside to play. They started out playing Star Wars using baseball bats as light sabers & the swing set as their space ship. Later, Sebastian came in the kitchen with a plastic cup full of water. They were digging holes in the dirt at the side of the house & filling the holes with water to make drinking puddles for their dinosaurs. When that got old (after I cut them off of water 6 cups & 4 bottles later), they moved on to a new game, which they very appropriately named 'missions.' They sat on the side of the hill discussing what each of their missions would be. For example, Sebastian would decide that he would first run to the tree house in the back yard, and then climb across the swing set & slide down, and then he would go behind the shed, and then he would race back to the tree on the side of the house. Mission complete. Meanwhile, Isaac would climb up the slide and slide down, swing 3 times on the big swing, go up to the deck and touch the picnic table, and then run over and tag Mr. Clark's tree. Mission complete. Where they came up with this idea I do not know, but it kept them busy for quite some time. I realized as I was watching their game and listening to their conversations, that this was actually a pretty cool game. They were working together, encouraging each other, helping each other, and working on strategies and remembering a sequence of events in the right order. Not bad for a game made up by a 4- and 5-yr-old.

Where was Meagan for all this? Well, for a while she was napping. After that, she kind of did her own thing. First she did some landscaping. Then she ran around aimlessly, and finally she settled on playing with Nicole's yard toys - mostly the little tykes car. She tries so so hard to keep up with her boys and be included, but the missions game was just too much for her little attention span, and she quickly lost interest in copying them - I think she just couldn't figure out the point of what they were doing. LOL!

When Lucas finally made it home from work, we got cleaned up, went and got his rental car for his week in Toledo, and then went to Hooters for dinner. In Toledo we always used to go to Hooters on draft day, so we decided to bring back the good ol' days! The kids had fun - and Meagan was quick to point out that the girls' shorts were 'broken' - VERY BROKEN! LOL!

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Tony & Laura Hiss said...

We loved your blog - this is sooo cute! :) I'll have to come read more funny stories again and get great scrapbooking ideas!! Congrats on getting published!! :)