Monday, April 23, 2007

From Anchorage to Willow and beyond

My total steps for the day = 14,356. I can attribute this mostly to cleaning 3 bathrooms & mopping the kitchen floor. LOL! I hope tomorrow is a little less...this program takes the average of your first 3 days as the baseline, and then you're supposed to increase it by 2,000 steps after that. My legs will fall off if I have to walk 16,000 steps every day! LOL! Well, I'm mapping my progress against the Iditarod Trail, and today I walked from Anchorage to a little past Willow. I found another site that has a calculator for steps per mile. (I guessed on my stride, but made it pretty low). It calculated that I walked 5.4 miles my house! That's insane! Well, I'm off to rest my legs...good night!

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