Monday, August 30, 2010

Booya Baby!

Last night as I tucked Meagan into bed, I said to her, "Guess what tomorrow is. It's your first day of kindergarten."
"You mean to stay all day?"
"Yes to stay all day. When you go to sleep and then wake up, it will be your first day of kindergarten."
"Booya Baby!!" (followed by a happy dance)

Needless to say, the child was super excited to go to school. She told her Daddy that she was going to get to learn today. I love that she is excited about learning.

So, breakfast this morning...

(Yes, she is eating a soft pretzel for breakfast. Don't hate.)

Three lunches to pack.

Three back packs. Three scooters.
Three smiling faces.
(Aren't they good lookin' kids?!)
We stopped outside of the school for a quick picture under the tree before she went inside.
She ran into one of her best friends in the whole world just before we went inside. (Isn't he adorable?)
Then she found her way inside to her classroom and her locker with no problem. I'm SURE she really didn't need me there for anything. But I went anyway. It's my last ever first day of kindergarten. How could I just stay outside?
All of my babies have grown up. I am now the mother of three school children. No more babies. No more toddlers. But big kids. Makes my heart ache a little. But it makes me happy at the same time. I'm so proud of them... for what good kids they are and what sweet hearts they have. And I know this is part of life. But there is a little part of me... okay, maybe a little bigger than a little... that doesn't want to let them grow up and leave the safe space that is mamma's protective reach. And yet, I watch them go. She will be good. I know she will.
I can deal with this... as long as she still cuddles me on occasion.

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