Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 3

It is now day three. On day two, we were all a little slow getting up, but managed to get out the door on time. Day two, Meagan had her kindergarten assessment with her teacher to determine whether she can rhyme, recognize letters, identify letter sounds, etc. It lasted about an hour, at the end of which, my daughter informed me clearly that she is "the smartest girl in the whole school." Good to know. :)

Day three... we all got up pretty well this morning... the house was only 67 degrees, as we had left the windows open last night... brrrr... so we all lugged blankets around with us as we got ready... which may have played a part in our leaving five minutes later. We still managed to get to school in plenty of time. This morning, however, I had to will my legs to move... one in front of the other... at a relatively quick pace, as I was trying to keep up with three kids on scooters. We dropped the boys off, and headed back home - thankfully at a much slower pace. Meagan kept stopping in every bit of shade she passed. At one point she told me she needed to be carried. "Me too" I thought to myself.

Later, however, we purposely went out again. This time on bikes. Meagan and I biked most of the way to the school, and then turned down a little side road that leads to a park. We followed a bike path through the park to the playground area, where we parked and played for about 20 minutes. Then biked through the park and back home again to get ready for lunch.

I am thinking I may try to find a hair salon nearby that will trim Meagan's hair for me... and maybe we'll get girly manicures if it's not too expensive. Just a fun girly thing to do on her last school day before she starts school. We have 2 1/2 hours until we have to go get the boys, so we'll see what we actually have time for.

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