Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Squishy Face

I took some funny pictures the other day of Meagan playing outside in her full tutu get-up. She was riding her bike in a bright orange tutu, hot pink leotard, and tennis shoes. That's my girl! I'd say easily three days a week she is in a costume of some sort. She cracks me up!

These photos are unedited, so sorry for the funny sizing and color/brightness/etc.

These were just a FEW of the pictures I got of her being a total kook! So last night I decided to play around with them a bit and put this layout together. No way I can leave the other pictures undone, so I'm sure I'll do at least one more layout with these. They're just too much fun and really are a very good representation of my silly daughter!

Journaling: On this very ordinary day, I was lucky enough to capture a very typical silly you.

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