Friday, August 27, 2010

Spa Day

Today was officially the last non-weekend day before my BABY starts school. *Sniff sniff* I realized today just how quickly she is growing up! Well, she was in desperate need of a hair trim - she wouldn't have anything to do with actually CUTTING it, but I was able to convince her that it's good for your hair to trim it to keep it healthy. I figured, since we were going to be at the salon for her hair cut anyway, maybe I could treat my big girl to a big girl manicure. She was thrilled!
(Here's the hair cut... yes, after ALL the DRAMA the last time around, she requested bangs again. She seems completely enamoured by them this time, so all is well.)

One of the best, and most difficult parts of getting a manicure is picking out the color. I mean, there was a whole WALL of colors to choose from. How's a girl supposed to pick just one... In fact, she did suggest that maybe she could get a different color on each hand, or maybe even on each finger. I know I'm a meanie, but I made her choose just ONE... I didn't want to torture the poor lady doing the painting!

Yes, THIS is the color she picked. Bright yellow. She has a thing for yellow lately. Especially yellow cars, which she calls BINGO's. Plus, as she so articulately pointed out to me, the lockers at school are yellow. I guess it IS very important to match the lockers...??? Whatever makes her happy.
So we spent our last day of just the two of us - pre-kindergarten Meagan and a Mommy of 3 school-age kids (*more sniffing*). We had a ball together. First the bike ride. The park. Then the salon. Love it. More importantly, SHE loved it too.
That makes a mamma's heart happy.

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