Friday, August 13, 2010


Today was a good day. We all got up a little before 9:00, which makes for a nice rested morning without feeling like absolutely the entire day has disappeared. We played lazy for the morning, just chillin' and enjoying each other. Then around 11:00, we started getting ourselves together... packed a lunch, some drinks, some snacks, and headed to the pool. Three hours at the pool. Three hours of sun and 90+ degree weather. Three hours of fun and splashing with my kiddos. Let's just say, my face now looks like it could glow in the dark. Maybe it will fade by tomorrow.... maybe?

Afterward, we made a stop at the kids' school, as class lists were posted today. Each one of the kids has at least one person in their class that they at least know to some degree. I am happy for that. I also found out what time school starts in the mornings... nice bit of information to have before the 1st day of school.

We left school, and headed to Mr. Freeze for an ice cream afternoon snack. I got a chocolate ice cream cone coated in that crunchy stuff that is kind of like nuts and sprinkles mixed. YUM. That crunchy stuff always takes me right back to my childhood. I remember my dad would take me on occasion to this little ice cream stand way out in the country, and I often got ice cream cones with crunchy sprinkle coating on it. That or a turtle sundae. But neither was I allowed to eat in his truck because, well, because kids and ice cream = mess beyond belief. Totally understand that now.


We made pizzas for dinner. Watched 2 movies and relaxed after a long day of sunshine. Then... then I started sanding a dresser. My mom and I started stripping the paint off of the dresser that's in Meagan's room. The stripping agent didn't really work. So I started sanding it. Let's just say, I worked on it for about an hour. That was all I could take for tonight.

We spent the rest of the night with our neighbors. Ended up at their house, watching a movie (Shrek) and talking and having warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies. Seeing as we just got home 30 minutes ago, and it is now 11:45, I am hoping the kids will sleep in tomorrow. I, however, will be up bright and early to work on the dresser before it gets unbearably hot.

Oh, and I saw the biggest non-tarantula-ish spider I've ever seen in person (that wasn't in a zoo, I should say). It was just hanging out on our front porch... a fact that I'm not too thrilled with. I'm afraid if there's one, there are more. I dug through the garage and found wasp/roach/spider killer spray. The can says it will kill a scorpion... this thing was about that big, so I'm hoping it worked. However, I sprayed it and that sucker went FLYING across the porch. I screamed like a girl. Granted, I am a girl, but still. It went into the bush right in the front of our house. Now I will be eternally paranoid when working in my flower beds. Really. It was way too big for comfort. Gives me the heeby jeebies. I hope it's dead now. And that it didn't leave any gigantic spider babies behind. Eew.... I need to stop talking about this now if I'm going to sleep tonight. LOL.


Deidra Faith said...

I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep now thinking about the spider!!! :-)

Kelli said...

MAJOR Heebie Jeebies! Here's hoping you find a large spider corpse today. :)

Rebecca H. said...

well, i took a picture of it. if you REALLY want, i could post the picture!