Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day

Don't yell at me... this will be a post with no pictures. I am just way too tired right now. But I thought I would at least let you know how the boys' first day went. They all got up really well; everyone was in a pretty positive, upbeat mood. We got ready on time - early even - and had a few minutes to snap a few pictures before we left on our walk / scooter ride. Fifteen minutes later, we found ourselves waiting outside of the school... yes I managed to get somewhere EARLY! Mark this day!

I also managed to drop both of my boys off at school without shedding so much as a single tear (whether or not it will be the same story on Monday when Meagan goes is yet to be seen). We headed home, got the lawn mowed, played outside, did NOT clean the house *lol* and had an all-around good day. Meagan even decided to bake her brothers some brownies for a surprise after-school snack - she used her Easy Bake Oven... which, I might add, took me a minute to figure out... apparently, I was trying to put the cake pan in the wrong side... doesn't work like that... I felt dumb. Anyway.

The boys both had homework to do, so they had their snacks and started in on their homework right away. I can see that homework with Isaac will require a balancing act - first of all, my FULL attention, balanced with my almost-complete silence. He just doesn't like people to talk to him. So I thought I would get up and leave him alone. When I came back, however, he had made a mistake. When I tried to talk to him about it to help him understand, he got super frustrated and said he hates second grade homework. A delicate balance it will be - otherwise, it will be a LONG year. *sigh* He is SUCH a smart boy! I am praying that he gains his confidence soon.

After dinner, Daddy surprised the kids with a trip to Mr. Freeze for some first-day-of-school ice cream. Then a quick trip to Wal-Mart (for a picture that I soon found out printed to the store in Michigan, rather than the store in Ohio... gonna have to change that and try again. I laughed at myself.) Then home, showers, and bedtime. We shall start again tomorrow. I wonder how many days before they no longer get up willingly and excitedly in the mornings? We'll see.

* On a side note, I signed Meagan up for dance class this evening. She will be starting in the next few weeks. She's in a class of 5-7 year olds, doing tap, jazz and ballet. She could not be more excited! Giddy is the word I would use. She has been doing her own form of tap and ballet around the house every day for the past week, so when I told her I found a dance class for her, she got a huge grin on her face from ear to ear. I'm excited to see her... hope she enjoys it as much as she thinks she will. *

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