Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday was a big day around here. It was the day for finalizing school supplies, getting them labeled and ready to go to school. It was also the day for a 'New Kids' party for the boys and Preview Night for everyone.

After lunch I started sorting through the pile of bags of school supplies that were sitting in the floor in my otherwise clean office. Each little thing had to be labeled. Let's just say it took a while. I grossly underestimated how long this process was going to take, and should have started MUCH sooner than I did. Oh well.

Here is the pile of supplies we had to deal with yesterday:

Later we added two more pair of shoes and one more box of gallon baggies to the mix. Finally, school supplies are done!

I dropped the boys off at the school at 4:30 for their New Kids party, and we all went back at 5:30 for Preview. We went to Sebastian's classroom first, then to the cafeteria to sign up for conferences, then Isaac's classroom, then Meagan's. It was a lot of activity crammed into a relatively short period of time. Everyone's teachers seem to be super nice. I think it's going to be a good year.

After we got home, we proceeded to walk back to the school. Mostly because I didn't know how much time I should allow for the morning walk on Wednesday. It took us 17 minutes to get from our house to the school front door. So we'll go with 20 minutes for walking, and an extra 5 at least for the kids to get to their lockers and classrooms. We were talking about getting bike locks and letting them ride their bikes to school. That would be great! Would significantly cut back on the time!
So today is our last day of summer vacation. We are going to go out for lunch somewhere fun (not sure where yet) and then maybe (depending on the weather) spend a bit of time at the park. Also on the list of things to do today: grocery shopping (which also includes bike lock shopping, so at least the kids have something to look forward to).

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