Thursday, August 12, 2010

This and That

It's official... the kids miss DADDY!! Already talking about how long until he comes home. Talking about how far away California is. Just missing him. Isaac has been a little edgy the last few days, and I think it may have a little something to do with the fact that he just plain misses his dad.

Well, you recall that yesterday I was feeling rather yucky and just wanted to fall over and sleep. Um, yeah. That's exactly what I did. I went to bed and didn't wake up until about 10:00 this morning... and didn't get up until almost 10:30. Yikes. So, the day felt like kind of a bust to get started. It's tough to lose that much of the morning. We recovered as best we could, though.

The kids played outside for a little while during what was left of the morning, until it started raining. We decided that, since we were gonna have to be inside anyway, and since we REALLY needed to go grocery shopping, that we would make a trip to Meijer to pass some time. It POURED while we were there. The rain on the roof sounded like an army invasion. Crazy rain! Which, led us to the thought process of needing rain boots. The kids will be walking to school this year, and rain is inevitable. True, I could probably drive them, but maybe it would just be more fun to walk in the rain... but only if we have umbrellas and rain boots. I wasn't sure if we would even be able to find any boots, but they actually had quite a cute selection. Here's what we settled on...


I seriously love these boots. They are super comfy, and I just love the fact that they look like a pink and orange giraffe! How could one possibly find better rain boots than that?
I didn't tell you... the other night (Sunday I believe), we had our first puppet show around our house. Sebastian wrote the script, they all made their own puppets, and everyone played their part. It was hilarious! I recorded it, but the video is at least 10 minutes long... wasn't sure anyone would actually want to sit and watch a 10-minute video. Here's a still shot at least. Isaac, who, by the way, was decked out in his pirate costume, made a dragon alien puppet (I would expect nothing less from him, really). Meagan's was... well, I'm not sure. I am guessing it has something to do with a princess. And Sebastian's puppet was named Noah, if I remember right. They used props, like EVERY stuffed animal they own as forest animals, clothing as the tent, and even red, orange, and yellow colored pencils for camp fire logs. Loved the creativity... just the fact that Sebastian was able to work an alien dragon into a script! Impressive!

Currently, Meagan is crashed out on the couch behind me. I'm gonna carry her off to bed and go to bed myself. The plan for tomorrow is to pack a lunch and head to the community pool. And then have dinner with our neighbors later in the evening. Hoping for good weather! Just a few more days left of summer break, and I want to use it up doing FUN stuff!

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