Friday, August 13, 2010

Change of Plans

Originally I had planned on a trip to the community pool yesterday. However, by noon, it still had not broken into the 80 degree range... a bit cool for a day at the swimming pool. We decided to go to the zoo instead.

I haven't been to the Toledo Zoo for six years. It felt good to go back. They had a baby polar bear and a baby giraffe. Some stuff had definitely changed. And we didn't stay long enough to see everything (because, believe it or not, by 2:30, it was closer to the high 80's and we were all hot and sweating!).

So here is the baby polar bear. Not such a tiny baby anymore. He (she?) was born in December 2009, so I guess he's had plenty of time for growing up.
My little bears....

After the polar bears, we headed to the land of Africa. There was a cool look-out area where you could see all of the animals walking around. The kids spent quite a bit of time trying to find all the animals that were out there.

We decided to take a ride on the safari train to take a closer look.

The hippos were very active... I've never seen them actually get up and move around the way they did. It was pretty cool to watch actually.
Isaac thought the rhinos were stinky! LOL

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