Monday, August 30, 2010


I THINK kindergarten was a hit today... but I can't really tell. I'm guessing 'yes' because when I first saw Meagan, she was very happy and excited. But before we had a chance to talk about her day, she found out that I had driven the van to pick them up, which meant we would NOT be walking / scooting home. She was NOT happy about that and started to cry. Seriously, though, it's 90-something degrees out, and I just don't feel like walking nearly a mile right now. Anyway, after a few minutes of waiting outside, she said, "I'm hot." So she finally bought into the idea of the van. She did not, however, let up on insisting that she was mad. Whatever.

Since I knew we needed to do after-school snack, and I knew everyone was HOT, and I knew it would help to smooth things over with my drama queen, I decided to take them to Mr. Freeze for an ice cream after-school snack. So they are watching Pokemon and eating ice cream. As soon as their show is over, the tv goes off, and it's homework time. But 20 minutes of cool-down time seems to have had the effect I was hoping for.

She has tomorrow off, and will go back again on Wednesday.

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