Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's Becoming an Epidemic

Tonight, my neighbor and I were sitting outside on HER porch this time, when the kids came running around the house hollering about a big black spider on the porch by the front door. We, of course, HAD to go see if it was the same one. Unfortunately, no, it was yet another really abnormally large spider. It was in the same corner of my front porch, only it was way up at the top of the brick wall. We threw bouncy balls at it - no luck. It was totally indifferent to little flying rubber things. We then poked at it with an extension painting rod... you know the expression 'Wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole"... well, we decided this one was at least 15 feet, so it was okay. She ended up knocking the spider down from its perch to within reasonable reach of the spray can. So, once again, I busted out the spider/scorpion killer and sprayed. Funny thing, it just sat there. It was at this point that I realized my can was only spraying out air. I shook it, and turned it upside down. This time when I sprayed it, it left a wet mark on the wall... yup, now it's working. (The BAD news is, however, that LAST NIGHT when I sprayed the first larger-than-life spider, I probably only scared it with air. Which, unfortunately, means it is most likely alive and well today. That just stinks.)

Anyway, I sprayed and sprayed. I sprayed it so much that the spider had a white foamy film on it. It started to run in circles (at which point I actually felt bad for it... my neighbor, however, felt absolutely NO remorse about any of it, LOL). The last step was to, once again, get the extension painting rod and smash the ever-livin' out of the thing. So now I have smashed spider corpse on my front porch. Will hose it off tomorrow when I'm feeling a little less grossed out by it all.

You know how there's always one house in the neighborhood where all the kids like to go hang out and play in the yard.... I am that house for really large spiders apparently. I think I like kids better.

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