Friday, August 27, 2010

Snow Cute

Still working on my goal of getting the year scrapped... I'm still way back in the early months. These pictures are from February. Yeah, I've got a ways to go I think.

Journaling: All bundled up and ready to go play in the snow. Purple Tinkerbell knit hat, big purple coat, and pink and purple snow pants to match. Your eyes lit with the excitement of all the fun yet to come... the snow angels you'll make, the snowballs you'll throw, and the snow forts you'll build. With all your snow wear snugly in place, and a huge smile on your face, you set outside for some snow fun. When you come back in, you can be sure there will be hot cocoa with marshmallows, some dry clothes, a blanket, and a movie waiting to get you all warmed up. Enjoy your outing in the snow! Bundle up. It's cold outside!

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