Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Lot to Tackle

Today I have a whole house of stuff to tackle. There is not one single clean (or even tidy) room in my entire house. Not one. Days like this, my head tends to get overwhelmed. I'm determined not to let it. I've got so much to do, I'm not sure it even matters what I do first. Just that I do something. So I'm just going to find something and do it. Then when that's done, I'll find something else. I'll see how far I get. Maybe I'll do another day of tracking what I get done.... that was kind of fun to do last September (and here's the layout I did of it). Might help me to keep on track a bit. Maybe?

Besides cleaning the house, we have BIG stuff happening today. It is Meagan's first day of dance! She is so excited. So am I, to be honest. She looks so cute in her little dance outfit and shoes. Love it. As for gymnastics, I THINK I have decided (which might actually mean I haven't totally decided yet, lol) to skip gymnastics for her for this 8-week session. I don't want to throw too much at her at once after having nothing scheduled for the past three months. I figure I'll let her get situated at school, get used to dance, get settled into a routine, and then decide if she can handle one more thing being added. Not sure my child needs to be so busy she needs her own day planner. She's five. She just has the personality that wants to take on the world... she wants to do one of everything. (I think I know a grown-up who is a little like that too... ???)

Okay. Off to work. Wish me luck! I am expecting to have a very productive day!

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