Monday, September 20, 2010

Cream the Charzer... (Don't Ask)

We had a wonderful weekend with Lucas at home! The kids were SO happy to have their daddy home! Friday evening, Lucas and Isaac went out in the front yard and threw the football around for a few hours. By the end of the night, Meagan and Sebastian had joined in, and there was a family football game of sorts in the front yard. Loved watching them run and laugh and tackle (and tickle) each other. It was great. I sat on the porch watching them (and taking pictures, of course) and I couldn't help but thing, "I think this is Lucas' dream come true - the moment he has waited for since he has been a daddy." I just sat and watching him soak in the moment.

At one point, he had a kid on each arm and one on his ankle, and he was trying to move across the yard. It was super funny!!

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