Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homework Recon

Believe it or not, one of Isaac's homework assignments deals with a local donut shop called the Donut Box. He has to draw a picture of his favorite donut from there. Seeing as he is new in town, though, he isn't all too familiar with the variety of flavors. SO, the only thing a good mom could POSSIBLY do is to help him with a little homework recon.

Or so I tried. We parked, got out, and headed for the door, only to realize the door was locked and the lights were out. Closed. Bum! Now I have a van full of disappointed kids. The only next possible thing to do... find an alternate bakery. I really don't know of any other bakeries, though, so we headed to Meijer. They always have LOTS of different donuts on their donut rack, so I figured that would be a safe bet. Until we got there. And the racks were EMPTY. No joke. We settled for a box of 'donuts to go' - a pack of six apple crisp cake donuts. That can't be so bad, right?
Nope. Not so bad at all.
Dunking in milk. What could be better?

We still need to check out the donut flavors at the Donut Box. Maybe we will swing through there after school on Friday and have a donut snack on the way up to pick up Lucas from the airport!!!!!! (We'll just have to vacuum out the van afterward.... crumbs. *lol*)


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