Saturday, September 11, 2010

Farmers Market

Yesterday evening, we were invited by our neighbor to go with them to the farmers market to pick up some pumpkins. Not pumpkins for carving... it's still a bit early for that. But we got a few pumpkins to sit out in our front yard to jump start the fall feel around here. The air has cooled, the rain has picked up, and the leaves are JUST starting to take on some color. I thought a few pumpkins might add some warm fall colors. Plus, I am all for an evening outdoors in the cool, fresh air.

I love the contrast of the bright orange pumpkins against the green grass. (See that short little warty one... that pumpkin is now ours.)

The kids had a great time. Our neighbor got them each a ring pop (or candy necklace in Isaac's case), so they had a rush of sugar in them to run around and find the most interestingly shaped pumpkins they could find. Ring pops... one of the fun little perks of childhood.

It's as big as her... but she was determined to drag that pumpkin across the field.

They seemed to be drawn to pumpkins with cool, spindly shaped stems, or bumps and warts. We walked out with three cool looking pumpkins - a tall, skinny one, a sort of regular looking one, and the short, squatty, warty one - which are now positioned in the front yard by the porch. Now I would love to get some mums and other rich fall colors out there to brighten it up even more.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love fall? I love it. Days like this are why.

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