Friday, September 10, 2010

Furniture Finished

Well, recently added to my list of things I've done and don't care to do again anytime soon... stripping and refinishing furniture. Truly, I think we would have had about the same amount of money, and far less energy, put into a brand new dresser. Oh well. It's done. It's cute.

This dresser was previously in the boys' bedroom - painted red with multicolored knobs on the front. However, the colors 100% did not match in Meagan's new room... besides, the knobs had dinosaur footprints painted on them.

With Mom & Mike's help, we stripped and sanded the dresser down to bare wood. Then repainted it to match Meagan's new room... primarily pink & green.
I had to repaint the knobs... took several coats of paint. Then I ended up having to paint little pictures on the knobs to cover up the remnants of the dino footprints.

Also did her toy box. However, thankfully, we only had to repaint it. It was purple and white. We freshened up the white and painted green over the purple. Grandma Jane made a new pillow top for it. Now it's cute as can be!
So, here's the finished product, situated in Meagan's room where it belongs (and once again home to her clothes! With the dresser and toy box back in their rightful places, I have gotten everything out of laundry baskets and back where it all belongs).
(I don't remember if I told you this already, but Meagan made the little picture in the green & white frame. I helped her use Photoshop Elements, and she put the picture together & 'painted' it.)

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