Monday, September 13, 2010

Around the House

Today is the dreaded day of the week when I have to sit down at the computer, pay bills, and do paperwork. I loath it. Really. Not that anyone likes paying out their money. Nope. But I just avoid it like the plague (as you see,I am currently updating my blog rather than doing bookwork... case in point).

So, I was walking around my house, straightening random things, making some fresh tea, and generally trying to find anything I could find to offer a valid excuse for not doing bills quite yet. As I was walking from room to room to put things away, I came across some little bits of cheerfulness, and I decided a round of photography and blogging was in order.

I love little bits of color and personality to brighten up life. This week, my mom was up to help me finish up the dresser & toy box. While she was here, we made a stop at Hobby Lobby, and discovered that pretty much half of their store was 50% off! Love that! She got a few things for the kids rooms, and she even got me a few things as well! She got these road signs for Sebastian's room to go with his big map of the US that is hanging over his bed. The chalkboard and the photography artwork are for me! I think I will put the FAITH, PRAY, LOVE pictures in my front room, which is my work space (where I'm supposed to be paying bills at the moment). The chalkboard has found its home in our dining area, sitting on the backpack shelf. When I saw this board, I fell in love with it! What a perfect visual aid for my kids to be able to look up and see what they have going on for the day... and a good way for me to keep myself on track as well (see what it says for Monday? Yup, right there, just above swimming...) The rest of the goodness - the red & green candles & the watering can - I found on clearance at Meijer. I think I paid a total of $10 for all of it!

Okay, now that I've shared the fun stuff... on to this... I think I'll go plop on the couch & put Netflix to good use. At least I can watch some fun movies while I work.


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