Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tap, Jazz, and Ballet

After Meagan's first dance class, here's the verdict... she loved it! She did so well! She was a really good listener, she caught on quickly, she started to open up and have fun with the other girls in the class, and she beamed from ear to ear when her teacher complimented her! Loved it. Loved the sound of the taps. Loved the pink ballet slippers. Love the "Chippette's" songs that she got to dance to. LOVED the pink sparkle dust that her teacher dabbed on her after a good practice.

For this girl, there could be nothing better than putting on a beautiful dance outfit, slipping into her best dance shoes, and then getting SPARKLY when it's all over! Like a dream come true! She told us tonight that she likes it as much as gymnastics. This style of sport seems to be her thing.

So, I tried to snap some pictures in the few minutes we had between getting the boys, getting snacks and homework, getting Meagan ready, and getting out the door on time. My lighting was BAD because it was pretty overcast. Plus, when she was in the dance room, I had to have it on low light because she was moving, and all of the pictures would blur otherwise. So, I did the best with what I had. I figured at least I wouldn't get yelled at for not giving you all some pictures!! (And sorry, something went wonky in my editing, and they all got resized funny toward the end. I didn't feel like re-editing them all just to make them a bit bigger... you get the point.)

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