Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eye Can See Again

This morning I had a loooong overdue eye appointment! I know, it is a bit strange to be excited about this, but if you only knew... well, I'll tell you.

My last eye appointment was in February of '09, at which time I purchased a one-year supply of contacts. Do the math. My supply should have run out in February '10. Especially since two of my right contacts tore right out of the package, leaving me with only an 11-month supply of right contacts. Nice. I opened my last right contact in November. Yes, ten months ago. A two-week-wear lens. Not recommended. Really. About a month ago, I was finally to the point that I would have preferred gouging my eye out to continuing to wear those contacts one more day. At that time, I was out of righties, and I had two lefties left. So what else is a girl to do but to wear TWO LEFT contacts. Yes, I used my last two contacts as a pair, even though they were supposed to be for the same eye. Two days later, I decided enough was enough (yes, it took me an additional two days to come to this conclusion). I looked online for an eye doctor in the area that participated with our insurance, and made the appointment.

So finally today, after 19 months, I finally went to the eye doctor. I have a fresh new pair of contacts (proper prescription and everything!) and life is good again! The doctor was a super nice guy - we talked about college football and flat screen tv's. He was super nice about my being a Notre Dame fan, so I decided to forgive him for being a Buckeye fan. :) ... I better stop there before I upset my blog readers and you all decide to never come back again! *lol* I decided to make appointments for all three of the kids to have their eyes checked as well, since none of them has ever had an eye exam that I am aware of. So they will go at the very end of the month. Maybe I'll dress them in their Notre Dame jerseys that day. ;)

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