Friday, September 3, 2010

All Wrapped Up

I have big news... I'm now a Darer!! A few weeks back, the Digi Dares had a call for new team members. I applied.... and was actually invited to join their team!! SO excited! The concept of the dares is awesome. Each week a new dare is posted. Each dare is designed to spark some creativity. So not only do you get a boost on getting a layout done, but there are also PRIZES involved! Everyone who participates gets a coupon for the sponser's store (each week there is a new sponsor). Then, each week, 2 winners receive gift certificates!! Just for playing along! Anyway, I am so happy to be joining this fabulous group of artists whose goal it is to help others get creative!

Dare #194 was posted today... if anyone wants to play along, you have one whole week to get your done and posted. Check it out here if you're curious / interested.

Journaling: "It seems like no matter whose birthday we are celebrating, bows and ribbons always find their way to Sebastian's head. It's just something he does. He finds the goofiest looking bows and curly ribbons and uses them to make us all smile and laugh. That's just his personality. Love it!"

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