Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mission Complete

After school today, we completed our homework recon mission... the tough mission of checking out the available flavors at the Donut Box so that Isaac can draw and color his favorite donut. They have some fun flavors - Loops (which is a vanilla frosted donut covered in Froot Loops), Cookie Dip (vanilla frosted donut topped with crushed Oreos), Blueberry Glazed, Apple Crumb with Cinnamon and Sugar, Pumpkin, Chocolate Chocolate (no explanation needed I think) - YUM!

Sebastian went for the Cookie Dip, Isaac chose Vanilla Frosted, Meagan got Loops, and I went with Pumpkin. Plus, the lady gave us a free Apple Crumb donut to share.... I guess she thought we just needed to taste-test it. I dunno. But it was good!! So I thanked her and ate it! Four donuts (well five, if you count the apple one) and four glasses of water = less than $4.00 for a snack. It was fun. Funny, though, when it was homework time, and Isaac got to his coloring page, he just didn't feel like doing it & decided to save it for another day. Oh well, at least I've done my part!

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