Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chain of Events

Isaac's first swim class was yesterday. We left here at 5:00, thinking that 30 minutes was MORE than enough time to get there. However, I wasn't planning on not being able to take the exit I wanted, requiring an extra 5-10 minutes of drive time, so we pulled onto campus about 3 minutes before the class started. We parked & got in there just in time. The director actually met us outside, and walked us in, which was super nice of her! She also told me there were still spaces in the class, soooooo starting Wednesday Sebastian & Meagan are going to join in the class too. None of my kids are great swimmers (fine in shallow water, but definitely not comfortable in the deep).... anyway.

We left the swimming pool around 5:45. Went through a drive through (yes, I know.... very bad me) and ate dinner in the van. We drove up a little further north to check out a gymnastics center that wasn't so far away..... which was, again, not far away from an old friend of ours... so we drove a little further north to see if we could stop and say hello. No one was home, so we left a note that we had been there, and headed for home. However, about 5 miles down the road, Meagan had to go to the bathroom.... the "I really can't hold it" kind. So we had to make a pit stop. I was going to stop at a gas station that was easy to get in & out of, but their restrooms were 'unavailable.' There was a Target right behind the gas station, and I KNOW where Target bathrooms are located, so I figured that was a good bet.

So, we stopped at Target for a potty break... which lead to 'looking' at costumes. But they all found costumes that they liked, and the temptation of being done with the costume frenzy before October even gets here was just too tempting.... so we got the costumes. And some candy corn lights for our holiday tree.

So.... swimming, gymnastics, friends house, potty break, costumes. Yes, that was our night. What an odd chain of events, but I guess sometimes that's what you get when I'm involved in a situation (I tend to fly with no plan most of the time - NOT my husband's favorite feature about me, I'm sure.)

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