Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Award Charts

Once upon a time, we had a decent system in place for rewarding the kids for keeping their rooms clean and generally picking up around the house. At the time that we moved, that system sort of went by the way side, and has since been totally pushed out of the picture.

For a few months now, every so often, one of the kids will say, "Why don't we do our Clean Room Awards anymore?" or something along those lines. Honestly, I was starting to feel a wee bit dissatisfied with the set-up of the old system. I wanted to be able to be a bit more specific with my expectations... that way, not only do they have a better idea of what is being asked of them, but I also have greater room to better recognize and reward their behaviors.

Finally today, I put these little guys together. I basically revamped the old chart... added some lines, got a bit more specific, and made one chart that I will be able to use over and over again (rather than having to print out a new chart each week, which was one of the major downfalls of the old way... not sure if you know me well, but I'm REALLY good at forgetting... not so good on the whole "being consistent" thing).

Each kid has their own chart that hangs on the side of the refrigerator. There are little velcro tabs on the charts, and I used the buttons (yes, Meagan's favorite toys) I had to make the markers. I just stick little bits of velcro on the back of each button, and when they fulfill something on the chart, they'll get a button on their board.

Unfortunately, I ran out of velcro tabs, so I'm gonna have to make a Wal-Mart run to get another box... I have to finish up Isaac's chart and do Meagan's altogether (which is why Sebastian has more than the other two at the moment). I think I might also see if I can find a set of letter stickers to at least put their initials on the charts so they can easily tell whose is whose.

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