Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Love.

I love having a clean house. I love that it's clean because my kids cleaned it. (That sounds bad, doesn't it?) And I love that they cleaned it without whining and complaining (well, almost... Meagan had to get a few whimpers in before she obliged, but she still did it). The boys made their beds and put their clothes away. Meagan cleaned up her toys and started to clean her bedroom. They helped clean up after dinner, and they helped round up the trash to go out. And in the end, they all got to pick out their buttons for their charts. Happy people all around.

That is what I love the most.

(Just a note... what I don't love so much is finding out a bit too late that the last person in the restroom only left three squares on the roll. That I don't love... just as a note.)


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