Thursday, October 21, 2010

Library Afternoon

This is what we did tonight... a trip to the public library for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid activity / class for the boys. They spent an hour and 15 minutes with other 7-10 year old's. While they were in there, Meagan and I spent our time in the children's area, where she played everything there was to play - puppet shows, doll house, Lego's, puzzles, kitchen, and on and on. We read a few books, and played I Spy. We were just running out of things to do when the boys' session let out. Perfect timing.

Cool thing... Sebastian won a copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw. He immediately ensured Isaac that the book was really for both of them, which I thought was super sweet of him. He won it for knowing the most information about the Wimpy Kid books (or, if you ask Isaac, he won because his hand is just faster at flying in the air than everyone else's... *lol*)

By the time the kids each chose a book to check out, it was about 6:15. We stopped at Little Caesar's and picked up a $5 pizza on the way home. It was late, and we were HUNGRY.
The rest of the night was spent in pure Mommy bliss. These button chore charts are my most favorite thing ever! Despite the fact that Sebastian has said several times how much he likes it and what a great idea it was (he sure knows how to butter up his Momma), they work like a CHARM! This evening, they ate dinner, cleaned the kitchen, did their homework, made their beds, cleaned their rooms, and sorted laundry... all without having to be told. Isaac even came to me and offered to help me with the rest of the laundry tomorrow if I need help. Yes, I admit that a bit of the excitement might be due to novelty, BUT money is a HUGE motivator for Isaac, and a full chart is a great motivator for Sebastian, and picking out her own buttons to put on is a huge motivator for Meagan... so it's kind of a win all the way around! I'm LOVING it right now... hope at least MOST of the excitement sticks around. That would be great!!
(Here's the completed project, after the name stickers and the full set of velcro and all...)

By the way, Meagan got her stitches out today. She is healing nicely, although she has a big yucky scab at her hair line right now. The stitches came out fairly easily, considering the scab and all... only one cry of 'ouch.'

I also dug Halloween decorations out of the attic. Maybe we can find some time to decorate a bit this weekend. If we don't do it this weekend, there is really no point, as any later and they will only be up for a few days. I'm so bad at holiday decorations... except Christmas... I never seem to have any troubles with that one.

Not much else happening today. Meagan and I snuggled on the couch for much of the day watching none other than How to Train Your Dragon... twice. Will she EVER get tired of that movie? I hope not, 'cause I like it. As we were heading to school to pick up the boys, she said, "Mommy this certainly was a super relaxing day!" I agree!


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