Thursday, October 7, 2010

Creative Genius

For the past several weeks, Meagan has been in quite a creative mood. She has made COUNTLESS pictures, books, projects, jewelry, and head wear, not to mention the innumerable messes. It seems lately that we have a continually relocating pile of crafty supplies - beads, buttons, feathers, markers, crayons, tape, glue, stapler, paper... TONS OF PAPER...ribbon, string, you name it - and it is in every room of the house. Her room gets particularly bad. In fact, (I'm pretty sure I didn't tell you this yet) one day I stuck her in her room to clean it because it was so covered in crafty goodness... she had drawings EVERYWHERE... I had told her once before that she is not allowed to TAPE things to the wall because it can peel the paint off. This, apparently, led to a dilemma of sorts, as she had easily 20 pictures that needed to be picked up off of the floor and hung on the wall for display. But not to fear, my dear Meagan is a problem solver! The solution was simple really... if you can't use tape, use GLUE. Yes. She glue-sticked 20-some pictures all across her walls. And was SO proud of her clean-up accomplishment. I was a little less excited than she was.

Anyway, after spending Tuesday with her, and cleaning hundreds of itty bitty feathers and jewels up off of the floor, I found a simple solution in my cabinet. Canning jars. Now, I know I'm not the first to think of this. But I can definitely say, it works. And it's easy, colorful decoration. And easy access (and clean-up) for little hands.

So here's the scene in the living room this mornng. This is her new art journal. I love it. She's just so creative... all of the time.
And here is a fine example of a paper crown, which is all the rage these days. She even made one for Lily, who promptly ran away when Meagan tried to fit it over her ears. Poor kitty. She puts up with a lot.

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